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A01: Stone Money Rewrite by ohearnj8

Money or currency is a concept used all over the world. The idea behind currency can be drastically different from one population to the next. For example there is an island off the coast of Australia named Yap where their … Continue reading

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Stone Money- Belldere

Money ever weighing down your pants? Try being on the island of Yap where their money is limestone. I could only imagine having to carry around round disks of limestone in order to buy things. Not exactly pocket change now … Continue reading

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Stone Money – tpaz1

Money in this day’s age as well as thousands of year ago, still plays an important role to our society. In order for most of us people in the United States and other countries around the world to live, we … Continue reading

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Stone Money – fromcasablanca

At a young age I was told money could buy you happiness. After all, as a child who would get whatever I desired, I began to believe it was true. No matter how I felt at the moment, whether I … Continue reading

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Stone Money- bigfoot9

It is rather eerie to know that the money that sits in people’s bank accounts is not really there. That the number projected on a mobile screen or an ATM machine will indicate how much money is in a certain … Continue reading

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