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Research position- peachesxo

Errors can kill   Surprisingly, even the most brilliant doctors are more human than we think they are. Medical professionals study extensive hours to become who they are today (Doctors, surgeons, nurses, etc.). These people specialize in the study of the … Continue reading

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Reflective- peachesxo

Core Value I. My work demonstrates that I used a variety of social and interactive practices that involve recursive stages of exploration, discovery, conceptualization, and development. Throughout Comp II, I realized there is not just one draft. There’s more than … Continue reading

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Bibliography- peachesxo

1.) Background: This article talks about  me statistics of how many people were injured because of medical error. The article gives the reader rhetorical questions to keep in mind. This also led me to another article from the Institute of Medicine. … Continue reading

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Rebuttle Rewrite- peachesxo

Doctors make mistakes too Doctors are human. They are trained for several years to make the right diagnosis and treat patients. It takes a very long amount of time for people to become doctors and with that comes stress. Years … Continue reading

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Causal Rewrite-peachesxo

Doctors are not accountable for their murders and mistakes Doctors go through a lot of schooling and train to become who they are today. They are experts in medicine and health practices. We would think they mistakes are very rare … Continue reading

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Visual Rewrite- Peachesxo

0:01 The back of a little boy can be seen looking at a fence or even opening it.The area looks very suburban. We can see a light pole and one car passing by the young boy.  The boy is probably … Continue reading

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