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The Mormons Aren’t Hurting Anyone Many religions claim that it’s never too late to be saved, but one sect takes this concept to a whole new level.  While most denominations teach that an individual is ultimately damned or saved at the … Continue reading

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Goal 1: I used a multi-stage process in my writing, and took into consideration the feedback provided by my professor. It has been hammered into my head since I was in middle school that writing a single draft is rarely, … Continue reading

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Annotated Bibliography Annotated Bibliography 1.  “Why Do Mormons Perform Baptisms for the Dead?” Web. 24 Nov. 2015. Background: This is a frequently asked questions page on  It explains why the Mormons practice baptisms for the dead, and gives a … Continue reading

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Causal Rewrite–Douglasadams525

How Mormons Accidentally Anger the Jews Unless we examine them more thoroughly, posthumous baptisms seem to be completely absurd.  While nearly all Christians believe that baptism is the only key to salvation, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints … Continue reading

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The Mormons Aren’t Hurting Anyone In contrast with the opinions of many individuals of many faiths, I submit the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints should not be condemned or otherwise publically reprimanded for their unusual practice of posthumous … Continue reading

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The following is a visual review of a one-minute long anti-texting-and-driving PSA by the Ad Council, titled “Put it Down.”  The video in question can be found here. At the very beginning of the video, at 0:01, we see the scene … Continue reading

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