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Strong Open – tpaz1

Legally killing inmates can cause more harm than good. The death penalty is a form of legalized unusual punishment used to justify a criminals act. States and courts that practice legal executions should realize the negativity their solution of justice brings … Continue reading

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Start Strong–Douglasadams525

Many religions claim that it’s never too late to be saved, but one sect takes this concept to a whole new level.  While most denominations teach that an individual is ultimately damned or saved immediately after the moment of death, the … Continue reading

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open strong- brxttyb

TV robs the souls of adolescent girls. Adolescent girls in the United States are over sexualized by the Television industry, music industry, and by the media. They are undervalued and their lack of worth as compared to boys their age are constantly … Continue reading

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Open Strong- sixfortyfive645

Everyone perpetuates rape culture. The culture is so ingrained in our environment, which has forced it to mistakenly evolve into a normal way of thinking. In order to fix this error made by history, a conversation of rape culture must be … Continue reading

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E12: Strong Opening- Belldere

The fact that 72 percent of professors teaching at an American university are liberals and only 15 percent are conservatives is outrageous. Consequently, there is a high likelihood that teachers will bring liberal beliefs into the classroom. While some professors persuade … Continue reading

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Open Strong-Breadpatrol99

From the perspective of a U.S. citizen, the world may not appear to be all that treacherous. We are well isolated from many dangers in the world, which are brutal realities for many, and if interested can safely observe them … Continue reading

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Open Strong – americangods01

The NSA is doing more harm than good to everyone but there is not enough being done to stopping it. In its attempts to keep the United States secure, it is overstepping its boundaries in every major country in the world, … Continue reading

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Open Strong – gemfhi

Getting gutted, mutilated, and devoured by wild animals is not the most common (or ideal) cause of death these days, but it once was. As a result of this, we humans have evolved a very strong sense of fear, but … Continue reading

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Open Strong – crossanlogan

Our culture is built on a very strong foundation of institutionalized misogyny that, while covert, informs virtually every aspect of modern American life. The state of our legislation regarding rape and sexual abuse makes that very clear; varying insular groups … Continue reading

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Open Strong—jcirrs

SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment claims to have been providing personal, interactive and education experiences with wildlife sea creatures for more than 50 years. The park creates orca shows year-round featuring “specialized” whale trainers. They take the responsibility to have held … Continue reading

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