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The Opposite of a Black Sneaker

In Favor of Outrageous Thinking The goal of all our arguments is not to join a black-or-white debate, but to create a color, or a set of fancy footwear, not the comfortable shoes that “go with everything,” but a pair … Continue reading

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Predictions in a Counterintuitive World

Counterintuitive Predictions 1. True or False. What occurs in the world is not always reasonable, logical, or right. Even so, it might be true. You’ll decide whether the Premises below are True or False. 2. Reasonable or Unreasonable. People act … Continue reading

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My Counterintuitive Weekend

My Counterintuitive Weekend Before you can write counterintuitive arguments, you’ll need to understand counterintuitivity as a concept, but I think that rather than offer you a definition of the term, I can serve you better with some illustrations. The broader … Continue reading

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