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Causal Argument – twofoursixohtwo

Two Sides of the Mask: Comedy Born of Tragedy There are two sides to comedy that exists in what can be referred to simply as a “light” and “dark” side. The light side, full of fun, cute ideas and jokes … Continue reading

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Definition Argument – twofoursixohtwo

Mental illness is difficult to define. Even in today’s society with the advancements we have made in social awareness, mental illness still seems to be a subject of uncertainty and confusion in the eyes of the general public. This ignorance … Continue reading

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E10 – twofoursixohtwo

Original Post: Money seems to have a big role in our society; you can’t do much or get far if you don’t have any.  Money is valuable in different ways, even when you don’t see it physically.  In today’s society … Continue reading

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White Paper – twofoursixohtwo

How To Make A Comedian Content Description Mental Illness in Comedians The Link Between Comedy and Depression Counterintuitiveness of Comedians Are Comedians Really Depressed? The Comedian Formula Working Hypothesis 1 A troubled childhood plus a tragic backstory with some vulnerability … Continue reading

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Safer Saws – twofoursixohtwo

2. Customers A. Ryszard Wec, a Bosch customer, was quoted at his court case saying that “his permanent and ‘traumatic injury’ could have been prevented if Bosch and it’s competitors had not rejected and fought against the safety technology.” B. … Continue reading

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In my personal experience with performance and theatre, I have found that a number of my friends and colleagues are faced with the issues no one quite likes to talk about: Mental Health. From depression, anxiety, and bipolar tendencies, a … Continue reading

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E04: Critical Reading PTSD – twofoursixohtwo

Is PTSD Contagious? Contagious is a bit misleading in this case. Contagious would imply that PTSD is transferred through the spread of bacteria or a virus, but you can’t “catch” PTSD by the same means you would catch the flu. … Continue reading

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Stone Money Rewrite – twofoursixohtwo

Communal Power in Money Money is based in the mind. The physical dollars and coins we carry around with us day to day only have value because we as a community agreed and made it so. Whether a strip of … Continue reading

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Summaries – twofoursixohtwo

Thought Experiment #2  It seems counterintuitive that changing a caption on a photograph changes it’s meaning. A photo’s significance can differ depending on angle, lighting, focus, and many other elements, but the text connected to it can flip a photo … Continue reading

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Visual – twofoursixohtwo

0:01-0:03 The camera pans across several framed pictures. The smallest three frames hold pictures of a boy at varying ages, but still very young. The largest frame hold a picture of a newly married couple at their wedding. This picture … Continue reading

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