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Rebuttal Rewrite – themildewmuncher7

Giving Addicts Drugs Is Temporary Vancouver’s new policy involving supplying heroin addicts with a steady stream of smack is brewing up a whole new batch of controversy. Logically, it doesn’t make sense. Why give addicts what makes them addicts? But … Continue reading

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Open Strong – themildewmuncher7

Rehab is now synonymous with getting a fix. Typically, rehabilitation involves long, tedious meetings that are centered around breaking an individual’s dependence on a substance, that being either drug or alcohol. Vancouver, however, is taking an entirely different approach with the … Continue reading

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Rebuttal Argument – themildewmuncher7

Giving Addicts Drugs Is Temporary Vancouver’s new policy in which they supply heroin addicts with their own supply of other drugs is brewing up a whole new batch of controversy. The purpose of doing it is to hopefully alleviate violence … Continue reading

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Rebuttal Exercise – themildewmuncher7

Opposing 1 (“Reporting abuse is terrorism”) A claim made by the author in this article is that, through interpretation, ag-gag laws are preventing people from being exposed to horrors of factory farms by making it more difficult for journalists to report … Continue reading

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Causal Argument – themildewmuncher7

Rehabilitation Isn’t a Cure Illegal drugs have proven themselves as issues in cities large and small for centuries, and there is seemingly no way to rid the streets of their presence.  Numerous issues have arisen on their behalf, from gang … Continue reading

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Definition Argument – themildewmuncher7

Drug rehabilitation is commonly seen as a process to relieve an individual of a particular drug they were addicted to. Challenging this societal norm is unheard of in society today, as it is simply widely accepted by all. Rehabilitation programs … Continue reading

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E10 – themildewmuncher7

Edited Post: Not much can be accomplished in our society without money because of its overwhelming influence and value, the latter of which is only sometimes apparent. In today’s society, much faith is placed in the government and banking system, that money is being … Continue reading

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White Paper – themildewmuncher7

Working Proposal 1: The goto approach to dealing with drug and alcohol addiction has always been rehabilitation of some sort. Its intuitive design of edging addicts away from their narcotic crutch makes logical sense, and is thus adopted by most … Continue reading

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Safer Saws – themildewmuncher7

3A. “The Directorate for Engineering Sciences received a sample of a prototype tablesaw safety device, as well as a detailed demonstration from its inventor, on July 11, 2001 to evaluate its potential to address injury. The inventor also provided an … Continue reading

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For my research essay I will be examining the effectiveness of treating a drug addiction with drugs themselves. It is a considerably counterintuitive thought, as drug addicts seeking rehabilitation would want anything but what’s causing the problem itself. This tactic … Continue reading

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