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Proposa +5 by ohearnj8

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Proposal +10 by ohearnj8

Capital punishment is more expensive than housing an inmate for a life sentence. People do not realize what the costs are behind the death penalty. Most of the money behind it is due to legal expenses needed to defend the … Continue reading

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Open Strong by ohearnj8

Many incorrectly believe the death penalty is the cheapest way to get rid of our worst criminals. It is actually cheaper to keep the prisoners locked away for life than to execute them. According to a former jurist from California named … Continue reading

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A07 Definition Argument by ohearnj8

Many believe the death penalty is cheapest way to get rid of some of the worst criminals there are but many would be incorrect. Capital punishment is a very big issue that has been brought to light in our country … Continue reading

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E11: Rebuttal Exercise by Ohearnj8

Supportive of Ag-Gag Laws. Article 2: “In the medicine and finance industries for example, whistleblowing isn’t considered a crime. Yet whistleblowing and undercover investigations in agriculture have had tremendously positive impacts on public welfare.” Rebuttal: The authors fails to explain … Continue reading

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A08 Casual Argument by ohearnj8

Minorities are disproportionately sentenced to capital punishment causing more Minorities to be put to death than white offenders. In the United States there are still states that still practice capital punishment as a punishment for index crimes. In many of the cases … Continue reading

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E10 by ohearnj8

Currency has such a big role in our society that not much can happen without it. Money is valuable in different ways, even when it physically can’t be touched. In today’s society we must have faith in the government and banks … Continue reading

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White Paper—ohearnj8

Practice Opening: Capital punishment has been one of many shadows that covers our nations history. The costs alone are radical in comparison to other forms of punishment such as life in prison. Many believe that the death penalty is a very … Continue reading

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Summaries by ohearnj8

It seems counter intuitive that in an attempt to purify figure skating in the olympics it actually backfired on the olympics committee. Bruce Bower elaborates the results in his article on the subject called ” Figure Skating Judges get a … Continue reading

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Visual—ohearnj8 00:00- The ad starts by showing a young man maybe in his late teens wearing what looks to be wearing a baseball hat and holding a baseball bat. There is a man sitting in the bleachers as a spectator. … Continue reading

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