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Rebuttal rewrite–Douglasadams525

The Mormons Aren’t Hurting Anyone Even though turban-wearing scammers and the producers of horror novels would love to claim otherwise, dead people can’t talk.  Because of this inconvenient truth, there is no possible way for them to object to being … Continue reading

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Start Strong–Douglasadams525

Many religions claim that it’s never too late to be saved, but one sect takes this concept to a whole new level.  While most denominations teach that an individual is ultimately damned or saved immediately after the moment of death, the … Continue reading

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The Mormons Aren’t Hurting Anyone While post-mortem baptism of Jews by Mormons may upset some members of the former group, the outrageous reactions by members of the Jewish faith is not unmerited, but also discriminatory against members of the Church of … Continue reading

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Rebuttal exercise–Douglasadams525

Antagonistic 1 “Apart from the obvious ethical concerns, Ag-Gag laws also threaten public health and the environment, and undermine workers’ rights and free speech laws. Undercover investigations at factory farms have exposed the mishandling of meat, eggs and milk in … Continue reading

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Causal Argument–Douglasadams525

How the Mormons Anger the Jews While not necessarily a prerequisite, religion can often lead to an individual belief in humanist philosophy.  This is particularly evident in the case of Christian believers, many of whom dedicate their lives to missionary … Continue reading

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Definition Argument–Douglasadams525

The Mormons Aren’t Hurting Anyone In contrast with the opinions of many individuals of many faiths, I submit the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints should not be condemned or otherwise publically reprimanded for their unusual practice of posthumous … Continue reading

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Original: Money seems to have a big role in our society; you can’t do much or get far if you don’t have any. Money is valuable in different ways, even when you don’t see it physically. In today’s society you … Continue reading

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Hozier–Cherry Wine


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White Paper–Douglasadams525

How Mormons Help Save the Souls of the World Content Descriptions Why Mormons Baptize the Dead Everyone is Welcome Jewish Outrage and Antics A Chance for Redemption Who, How, What, and Why? Progress So Far Practice Opening 1 Ask atheists … Continue reading

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Safer Saws–Douglasadams525

4. Consumer safety advocates (Gass) 4a. The petitioners state that current table saws pose an unacceptable risk of severe injury because they are inherently dangerous and lack an adequate safety system to protect users from accidental contact with the blade. 4b. … Continue reading

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