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Proposal +5 – crossanlogan

For my paper I will be examining an apparent counterintuitivity in modern American culture; the fact that men have historically determined what rape legally is, despite the reality that many more men perpetrate rape than are raped. The main argument … Continue reading

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Rebuttal – crossanlogan

No, Patriarchy Is Not Dead; The Facts Prove It Real Clear Politics writer Cathy Young posted an article in 2013 wherein she attempted to make the point that the American patriarchy has been slain at last; she says that, to … Continue reading

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Open Strong – crossanlogan

Our culture is built on a very strong foundation of institutionalized misogyny that, while covert, informs virtually every aspect of modern American life. The state of our legislation regarding rape and sexual abuse makes that very clear; varying insular groups … Continue reading

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E10 – crossanlogan

Money is of exceeding importance in our culture; without it, nothing gets done. It retains its value even in the abstract, and it is often abstracted to nothing more than a tally. Naturally we put a lot of faith in … Continue reading

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White Paper – crossanlogan

The Counterintuitivity of Defining Rape Practice Opening 1 Rape is perhaps the most heinous of crimes one person can commit against another. Historically, the majority of rape cases have seen a man raping a woman, and yet historically the exact … Continue reading

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Safer Saws – crossanlogan

1.) Manufacturers 2.) Customers The National Consumer’s League makes some claims based on the effectiveness of sawblade safety technologies.  a. “[B]lade guards have proved to be ineffective in reducing the 40,000 serious table saw injuries that occur every year.”  b. … Continue reading

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Stone Money Rewrite – crossanlogan

Currency can seem the most valuable thing in the lives of many Americans. For many of us, our entire lives revolve around the acquisition, use, or display of currency. At first, this love of money seems very reasonable; after all, … Continue reading

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