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The term sexualization means “to render something or someone sexual” which implies that this act is being done without consent or permission. This is especially true with the shift in clothing for young girls where clothing companies manufacture girl’s clothing that … Continue reading

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There are people who believe that our country is being destroyed by political correctness. There have been many studies done on the oversexualizing of girls through the media and clothing companies. Most people would be of common agreement that childhood … Continue reading

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When young American women are sexualized by the media, music industry, and advertising industry it results in a lack of self esteem and the reduced ability to compete with boys their age. According to the American psychological association, the increase … Continue reading

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TV robs the souls of adolescent girls. Adolescent girls in the United States are over sexualized by the Television industry, music industry, and by the media. They are undervalued and their lack of worth as compared to boys their age are constantly … Continue reading

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Practice Opening: Walk into any teen store today and you will be hard pressed to find a pair of shorts that are of a decent length to abide school dress codes. Turn on any teenaged show on television and you … Continue reading

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4. Consumer Safety Advocates 4A: “For the past 50 years, the only safety technology on table saws was the blade guard. The blade guard is often removed because it is inconvenient for many types of cuts. Two thirds of table … Continue reading

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For my research topic, I will be covering slut shaming and how we as a society subconsciously contribute to it. We as a society value and reward boys, while punishing girls for doing the same exact thing. This issue is … Continue reading

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On the small island of Yap located in Micronesia, large limestone disks the size of cars are what they use for their currency. Sounds weird, don’t y0u think? Ironically though, the most illogical form of currency is a bit more … Continue reading

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Summaries- brxttyb I think it’s counterintuitive that since the beginning of early civilization, men controlled the leniency of laws and consequences of rape, even tough in most cases, the men were the ones to blame for the incident. It is ironic … Continue reading

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0:00-0:02 A teenage boy hurries out of a house, probably his, and meets up with another boy. Maybe an older brother? Maybe even a dad? He seems happy, excited to be going where he is going. He is wearing a … Continue reading

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