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For my research topic I will explore the geographical phenomenon of political borders, and how it negatively affects marginalized groups of people. Political borders are the invisible boundaries of states, that essentially mark where one nation ends and another begins. … Continue reading

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Safer Saw-breadpatrol99

1. A.Injured Plaintiffs-A man who was cut by a miter saw says Robert Bosch Tool Corp. “colluded with its competitors” and lobbied the Consumer Protection Safety Commission to keep “flesh detection and braking technology” from being required on table saws. … Continue reading

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The article first claims that Brannan Vines, despite never being to war, has many qualities that a “warrior” might have. Most of these are traits that belong to someone with PTSD. Dubbed the “warrior’s skills”: “hyperawareness, hypervigilance, adrenaline-sharp quick-scanning for … Continue reading

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Summaries-Breadpatrol99 It seems counter-intuitive that heroin addicts would be given all that essential to maintaining a steady heroin addiction (including the drug itself) in an attempt to regulate and keep the city at large safe, though that is exactly what … Continue reading

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You Forgot Your Title, breadpatrol

0:00-0:01- A car drives passed the camera quickly, revealing a man and woman who appear to be lightly arguing outside a crowded place, in front of a car with it’s driver’s and back passenger doors open. 0:02-0:08 The man tells … Continue reading

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Stone Money-Breadpatrol99

“Money, it’s a gas; grab that cash with both hands and make a stash.” -Roger Waters An idea that remained elusive to me during much of my life was the concept of money, and with good reason; as there is … Continue reading

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