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Definition Rewrite- Alivewit55

The problem with Pluto is that is such a difficult object to categorize in our solar system. It is not a star because a star is a fixed object in space. It is not a meteor because a meteor is … Continue reading

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A06: White Paper- Alivewit55

Contents Description Introduction to the vast knowledge of our universe Huge discussions created by Pluto’s planetary status Is Pluto a planet or not Practice Opening 1: The great “Space Race” started in 1957, and led to the findings of billions … Continue reading

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Safer Saws – Alivewit55

Injured Plaintiffs- A) Wec says his permanent and “traumatic injury” could have been prevented if Bosch and its competitors had not rejected and fought against the safety technology. B) Wec is claiming that Bosch could have applied the safer saws to … Continue reading

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Visual Rewrite – alivewit55

0:01 There are two cars on a road, one is stopped at a stop sign while another is approaching farther down the road. There is no stop sign for the car that is approaching however. 0:02 We see a man … Continue reading

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Proposal +5 – alivewit55

With the 2016 Presidential campaign in full swing, the whole country has its focus on the candidates pursuing the dream of becoming our nation’s next great leader. But the person who might be the next great president probably won’t win. … Continue reading

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E04: Critical Reading – Alivewit55

“Is PTSD Contagious?” When we talk about contagions we normally thing about bacterial diseases, so could PTSD be related to bacterial diseases? If we assume it is contagious, then there would have to be evidence of something bacterial that can … Continue reading

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Stone Money Rewrite – Alivewit55

An interesting take on the beginning of our seemingly irresponsible valuation of money is brought up in the NPR Broadcast titled “The Invention of Money”, they discuss the history of the Yap people of the Caroline Islands and their “stone … Continue reading

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