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Shooting and Strategic Games Are Good For Us If it’s true that an idle mind is the Devil’s playground, then video games are God’s amusement park. Studies done by the American Psychological Association on gamers are revealing the cognitive benefits … Continue reading

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Fire up the Xbox, pop in a prescribed disc, and undergo autism treatment. Having autistic subjects postpone real-life social interaction and opt for a virtual game to enhance their social skills seems questionable. Yet, it’s happening at The Center for Brain Health … Continue reading

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Autistic Gamers Will Not Become Hermits Video game players are sometimes thought of as antisocial loners who sit alone in a dark room, a controller in one hand while the other is submerged in a bag of Cheetos. Although generally … Continue reading

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Supportive 3 (Beef article) Claim- With 98% of farms and ranches in the U.S. family owned and operated, I know that today’s food is grown by people who care about the animals, the environment and the final retail product. The author … Continue reading

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Video Games: The Brain’s Favorite Pastime From plastering on a poker face behind splayed cards to bending over backwards to narrowly miss skimming a limbo pole, we are innately drawn to playing games. In the modern era, where technology rules … Continue reading

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Video Games: Improving Cognitive Abilities, Treating Disorders Soon, we will be able to walk into our local pharmacy and pick up an interesting prescription: a video game. Long thought of as solely a form of entertainment, video games are proving … Continue reading

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Money factors so largely into everyday life that it is practically impossible to do much or socially advance if we lack funds. Money’s value is always felt, even when we are not physically in the presence of the prized linen … Continue reading

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Video Games Are a Therapy for Autistic Sufferers Content Descriptions What is Autism/ASD? Story Telling is Good for Autism The Center for Brain Health’s Video Game Benefits of Video Games for Autisim Practice Opening (for) Video games, although generally played … Continue reading

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Manufacturers- A low percentage of the 30,000 annual (U.S.) table saw injuries are due to contact with the blade – most are from kickback.  The majority of powersaw injuries are from kickback, not from blade contact. This is a causal … Continue reading

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Although video games typically conjure up images of recluses secluded in their dark basements, new findings are discounting these assumptions and realizing the benefits gaming can have for those on the autism spectrum. Neuroscientists and gaming technology experts have collaborated … Continue reading

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