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Proposal +5 “Concussions in the NFL: Are Players Beginning to Value Their Brains More than the Game?” Behind the Steel Curtain. 7 June 2015. Web. 6 Dec. 2015. How I Used It: This article can be used in many different … Continue reading

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Proposa +5 by ohearnj8

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Proposal +5 – crossanlogan

For my paper I will be examining an apparent counterintuitivity in modern American culture; the fact that men have historically determined what rape legally is, despite the reality that many more men perpetrate rape than are raped. The main argument … Continue reading

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Proposal +10 by ohearnj8

Capital punishment is more expensive than housing an inmate for a life sentence. People do not realize what the costs are behind the death penalty. Most of the money behind it is due to legal expenses needed to defend the … Continue reading

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Proposal +5– Luckyleprechaun1

*NOTE:  For the sake of clarity, I will be using the term “pedophilia” to refer to sexual desire directed toward children and “abuse” to refer to child sexual abuse. My research paper will be based in the idea that current American attitudes … Continue reading

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Proposal+5 – alexmoran17

Overview: I chose to pick the topic of whether “Money buys Happiness” or not. The depth in which someone’s opinion on money buying happiness or if happiness is brought upon us through a different sensation, with or without money. Personally, throughout … Continue reading

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For my research topic I will explore the geographical phenomenon of political borders, and how it negatively affects marginalized groups of people. Political borders are the invisible boundaries of states, that essentially mark where one nation ends and another begins. … Continue reading

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Proposal +5- bigcounrty609

I am going to do my research on whether multivitamins really work. It’s something that one third of americans take daily, but is there really a true nutritional value? Recent study’s have shown that they may not make healthy people … Continue reading

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The topic I have chosen to research is how the media portrays body image in all aspects. Whether it be music, movies, or any other form of media, women are always portrayed to have slim and slender bodies with enhanced … Continue reading

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For my research essay, I will be discussing one of the most controversial topics right now, the legalization of marijuana, as well as the different stances on the issue. For example polls showed only 35 percent of Republicans support legalization, … Continue reading

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