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Today’s trends in micro-mini fashion, a term used to describe clothing geared to making kids look like mini-adults, is robbing the souls of adolescent girls in a cruel circle of advertising, sexualization, and the resulting psychological issues that damage these underage victims. … Continue reading

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Taylor, Dr. Jim. “The Disturbing Sexualization of Really Young Girls.” The Huffington Post., n.d. Web. 28 Nov. 2015. <;. Background: This article touched on many different topics such as numerous studies done about sexualized clothing for little girls, the influences … Continue reading

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Deep necklines, short skirts, off the shoulder shirts and suggestive innuendos on tees are popular fashion trends for women today. For women, these clothes can even promote sexual liberation and empowerment for those comfortable with their bodies. Although these choices are … Continue reading

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Girls are being oversexualized by the media and by clothing companies, but we’re too politically correct to accuse these companies of oversexualizing our daughters for a profit. It is not acceptable to exploit the youth of our innocent children by … Continue reading

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When young American women are sexualized by the media, music industry, and advertising industry it results in a lack of self-esteem and the reduced ability to compete with boys their age. According to the American Psychological Association, the bombardment of … Continue reading

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The term sexualization means “to render something or someone sexual” which implies that this act is being done without consent or permission. This is especially true with the shift in clothing for young girls where clothing companies manufacture girl’s clothing that … Continue reading

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There are people who believe that our country is being destroyed by political correctness. There have been many studies done on the oversexualizing of girls through the media and clothing companies. Most people would be of common agreement that childhood … Continue reading

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