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It seems counterintuitive that there is a long history of men defining the rules of rape and its consequences, and there is still room for improvement in the seemingly advanced twenty first century.

Todd Akin’s claim that as long as the rape is “legitimate,” a female’s body has ways to “shut that whole thing down” mirrors ancient concepts of rape. In previous eras, rape had outlandish definitions, such as property damage against the victim’s father or the abduction of a woman against the man who had control over her life. Even more absurd, men decided that there virginity tests must be supplied in order to provide evidence of a rape. Men also explained that women could not get pregnant unless they had an orgasm, so if an “absolute rape” were to occur, there would be no way a woman could get pregnant. It’s ludicrous that such ideals of rape were in place, but even more so that a man in power based his concept off of them.

The definition of raped has changed recently, and this time for the better. The new definition includes other forms of sexual assault, genders, and the chance that a victim is incapable to give consent due to their mental and physical state. This is an improvement, no doubt, but we cannot deny the demand for more according to the backwards ideas that some men still have today.

It seems counterintuitive that with all of the advancement America has gone through, discrimination in the medical realm would still be an issue.

Prozac is an extremely popular type of anti-depressant; it is prescribed for more than 33 million Americans a year. Unfortunately, studies have shown that the majority of those who are prescribed Prozac are White.

Researchers do not have empirical evidence to explain why minorities are less likely to be prescribed such an effective, popular pill. What’s even more frustrating is that it is hard to conduct an experiment to find a genuine answer to the question due to the uncomfortable facts that must be faced.

The fact of the matter is, the research studies that have been conducted prove equality is still a goal Americans must strive for; there is a need for change in the way minorities are treated.

It seems counterintuitive that a city would subsidize the very dangerous habits of heroin addicts, yet it has proven to succeed. Vancouver proposed a program, Insite, which offers heroin users to shoot up under supervision with clean supplies.

The program is conducted with only 26 people who were previously involved in research studies. They have the worst additions because they do not take to heroin alternatives. So, the addicts are given heroin two or three times a day as their “treatment” according to their doctors.

The justification of Insite is explained through harm reduction. Since the users are shooting up in a safe environment, the chance that they will cause harm on themselves or the city is reduced; therefore, both the addicts and the city benefits.

The program, however, is a form of blackmail, and everyone involved knows it. Either way, these heroin addicts are dying, and if less harm can be done from that, so be it.

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3 Responses to Summaries- sixfortyfive645

  1. sixfortyfive645 says:

    feedback was requested.

    Feedback provided.


  2. davidbdale says:

    Rape. Really? Why does it seem counterintuitive that men should define the rules of rape? Don’t men dominate the judicial system and define the laws that define the rules for almost all crime?
    —In P2, you do a nice job of using individual words to signal your position on the material. You call the attitudes about rape “ancient,” “outlandish,” “absurd,” and “ludicrous.” That simple device is worth an entire sentence every time.
    —In P3, your admirable attempt at economy costs you coherence. You mean that the new definition broadens the scope of assaults that can be considered rape, including rape of spouses, rape that doesn’t result in pregnancy, and rape of males. You can devote more than one sentence to this list to include rape of those too inebriated, too young, or too mentally deficient to give legal consent.
    —This is a bad sentence: This is an improvement, no doubt, but we cannot deny the demand for more according to the backwards ideas that some men still have today.

    Prozac. Granted, I forced you to begin your sentences this way, but you can certainly improve on this: It seems counterintuitive that with all of the advancement America has gone through, discrimination in the medical realm would still be an issue.
    —Start by using the subject of your idea as the subject of your sentence. Then apply the strongest appropriate verb. Eliminate all vague categorical language (all of the advancement / has gone through / would still be an issue).
    —It seems counterintuitive that enlightened American doctors would racially discriminate when prescribing brand-name drugs to their own patients. OR
    —It seems counterintuitive that enlightened American doctors would deny brand-name drugs to their minority patients.
    See the benefits of direct speech here, sixfortyfive?
    Overall, this section does a strong job of identifying the central mystery, in addition to expressing frustration that answering the nagging questions will not be easy.

    Heroin. The “very dangerous habits of heroin addicts” has the odd effect of making readers think you’re surprised Vancouver is condoning something OTHER THAN HEROIN USE. You don’t quite get to the point in P1.
    —In P2, that the addicts have participated in research is a confusing dead-end, a distraction fro your important point that they have proven resistant to heroin alternative therapies.
    —P4 is very mysterious. We don’t know yet whether you approve or not of the program. The point of the summary is to advance your own argument, which hasn’t declared itself yet. Why it’s blackmail is not at all clear, but your last sentence sends the confusing message that somehow the city is blackmailing the addicts, not the other way around.

    Generally good writing, but not as clear as needed.
    Anything useful in these notes for you, sixfortyfive? Reply, please.


  3. sixfortyfive645 says:

    This feedback was helpful because it showed me that I do have to improve on they way I word my sentences/thoughts.


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