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Principal Encourages Cheating

  1. It seems counter intuitive that schools have to score higher on state exams to receive recognition and money. Principal Cortez of  Cayuga Elementary School has encouraged teachers and students to cheat on state exams.Although state rules forbid teachers from helping during exams, teachers were still forced to help. In 2009, the fourth grade students scores rose by 36% and the math scores increased by 45% due to the teachers telling or showing the students the correct answer during the test. Parents are aware that cheating on exams by their children’s complaints of teachers telling the students to change their answers.

Euthanasia in Belgium

2. It seems counter intuitive, yet possibly correct that Belgian state voted to extend Euthanasia to children with disabilities or wish to be Euthanized. In many countries, Euthanasia is legal for patients over 18. Belgium is now the first country to life the age restriction on the practice. Although Euthanasia was illegal under 18 before, experts claim that the practice has already been done numerous times. Critics assert that lowering the Euthanasia age is a way to cover up medical errors.

How to Change the world

3. It seems counter intuitive that many non-profit acts go unnoticed by the media. A book called “How to Change the World” by David Bornstein, tells stories that have not been recognized by the media such as people helping students get to college,  and people who use their own homes to care for the sick. The individuals’ stories that the author shares are an example of people who try to change the world for the better. Critics have agreed that more people need to do acts that do not benefit them, but help other to help the world be a better place.

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