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Surviving the Shower

It seems counterintuitive that surviving a daily shower is not an issue for most Americans, but for some elders their daily showers are full of risk. Older Americans, ages 75 and up, are at risk for injury or even death during daily activities such as showering, walking up and down the stairs, or even taking a stroll on the sidewalk. In other parts of the world, like New Guinea, the residents fear different risks. They fear trees falling on them in the forest at night. The chances of a tree falling in New Guinea and an elder falling in the shower come out to be around 1 in 1,000. These different fears around the globe are what make society unique.

Do Toms Shoes Really Help Anybody?

It seems counterintuitive that buying a pair of shoes could really help someone in need. Many companies are starting this “buy one, give one” trend, but do these companies actually have good intentions? The idea of “buy one, give one” seems like something a good humanitarian would participate in, but instead of focusing on helping those in need, companies seem to be using this strategy to create competition in the work force. The more the company donates, the better they look. In my opinion, shoes are not what need to be donated. We need to give less the fortunate education opportunities and shelters, not shoes.

Is Walmart Organic and Local?

It seems counterintuitive that Walmart would sell healthy food options. Over the past few years, Walmart has been trying to step up their sales locally grown produces. Selling locally grown produce is healthier for consumers because their food is not sitting in a truck traveling from the other side of the country. It is also financially smarter for the store because with having local produces the trucks will be using less gas from traveling which also leads to less pollution. By the end of 2015, Walmart will be selling more organic produces as well.

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