Summaries – fromcasablanca

It’s very counterintuitive that the city of Vancouver has tried to lower the drug problem in the city but yet they have a safe zone called Insite. Insite is a place where nurses monitor and allow addicts to shoot up without the fear of being arrested for drugs. It’s very counterintuitive that they provide a place for addicts to get high at without going to jail but they want to lower the amount of drugs coming into the city. Not only do they provide safe zones but they also give the addicts antiseptic wipes, clean syringes and other instruments such as some of the best heroin on the planet. It disgusts me to know that Vancouver provides addicts who have a horrible addiction with the drugs they crave.

It seems counterintuitive that men can determine what is rape and what isn’t rape, when they are the ones who are less likely to be raped. It is also very counterintuitive to say that if a woman doesn’t squirm a lot, it isn’t considered to be rape because she laid there. However, some women are held at gun-point, tied up and sometimes molested by more than one guy at the same time. Rape is sex without consent. If a woman doesn’t agree to have sex with a male, whether she squirms or not, it is still rape.

It seems counterintuitive that three-parent babies are currently being experimented. This new procedure is supposed to prevent genetic mutations that can cause birth defects but allowing three people, two women and a man, create one child might do the exact opposite. After all, less than one percent of DNA is transferred from the second woman and if it isn’t done correctly and accurately it will cause a variety of birth defects. Allowing three-parent babies to be born is very expensive and extremely risky! Instead of lowering the amount of birth defects it can actually increase them if the procedure isn’t done right.

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