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It seems counterintuitive that multivitamins, a product sold to us under the pretense of making us healthier, may in fact be unhealthy for us. According to the article, “typical vitamin users are more likely than nonusers to get their quota from food alone.” If those of us who take a multivitamin are getting our daily requirements of these vitamins from our food, the multivitamin becomes completely redundant. In fact, excesses of certain vitamins can cause a variety of negative health effects from colorectal lesion and increased risk of heart disease to birth defects. A product that is supposed to make us healthier can in fact be bad for us.

It seems counterintuitive that Mitt Romney, who builds his political platform on things like creating jobs for Americans, has engaged in behavior (abusing tax loopholes, leveraging buy-outs, and exploiting the hard work of middle-class employees) that seems to go directly counter to those claims. In fact, at one steel mill in South Carolina, Romney’s company cost over 1,700 workers their jobs and “cut the employees’ profit-sharing plan twice — lowering the plan’s hourly rate from $5.60 an hour to $1.25 per hour”. The idea that this man is bragging about creating jobs and bolstering the economy is completely asinine.

It seems counterintuitive that the Church of Latter-Day Saints continues to baptize by proxy those who died in concentration camps during the Holocaust. The process of baptism or Christening is one that holds significant and specific meaning in the Church of Christianity; baptism represents a new birth in Jesus, usually with the spin of using the rest of your life to further the Kingdom of God. This is highly ironic, for a few reasons, the first being obvious: these people have been dead for decades. They have no remaining natural life to devote to the Church, even if they wanted to. This leads us to the higher irony in this situation: the people whom the Mormons are posthumously baptizing were Jewish. They by definition reject the divinity of Jesus, which happens to be the entire founding principle upon which the Church of Christianity is based.

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