1. Elderly Animals- – It seems counterintuative that you would even think of an elderly animal being a huge debate but it is sadly. Some people think it is wrong to keep them alive and let them age and get old, when they could be used for food or put out of their misery. Others think like I do as well, animals should be able to live their lives out just like we do as humans. The people that choose the ides of not letting elderly animals live usually are thinking of themselves and not the animals. Have no compassion in their hearts at all. The people that do let the animals live until they die naturally have compassion and a deeper understanding for life itself.

2. Elephant Cruelty- – It seems counterintuative that elephants are being treated in such cruelty and it just disgusts me. What is sad is that animal trainers can care less because of at the end of the day they get their money and the people get a show. So whatever has to be done to the elephants beaten, sick, or whatever is done so the elephants perform the show correctly. Its sad that the government covered up for the circus company just because they gave a donation to elephants in need. Good, you gave a donation bit that doesn’t cover the fact that an elephant died from salmonella disease and you knew he was sick and still made him do the show. It made the animal rights activists very upset!

3. Is Walmart Really Organic or Local?- – It seems counterintuative that Walmart is selling Organic food in their commercials and stores but it is locally grown or it is grown on a big farm somewhere? Some people believe that Walmart is selling organic food but not sourced locally because of how the products look and taste. Others just are dimwitted and believe everything that the advertisements, TV, Newspaper, etc.. says it is true and its not, alot of companies are putting chemicals in their foods today so no one really knows whats , what!

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