Summaries- bigcounrty609

I find it counterintuitive that a Pizza Hut is within sight of a historical sphinx. The Pyramid of Khafre is the second largest pyramid in Egypt. Along with the pyramid you get to see the beautiful sight of a sphinx in the middle of a desert. Then you turn to see a Pizza Hut and KFC? It doesn’t seem to fit.

Or maybe it does fit. Of course you could imagine how many tourists come to see the sights. A large amount of the tourists being from America or common western European countries that are familiar with food chains like Pizza Hut. So after a long day of sight seeing and working up an appetite I’m sure many tourists are happy to eat some familiar Pizza Hut.

I find it counterintuitive that waiting fifteen minutes for an extra marshmallow means better grades, better health, and even staying committed to a relationship longer. This is what Walter Mischel’s marshmallow test seemed to show. There was only one problem, his test focused on determination and grit, which are both good qualities, but there was one major characteristic he was forgetting.

Celeste Kidd took a second look at this experiment. Kidd, while she was younger, helped homeless families. She claims that many of the kids she worked with would have eaten the marshmallow right away. Not because they are weak-willed but because they haven’t learned to trust adults. Those kids are going to take what’s in front of them because they are not sure if there even is another marshmallow.

So while Mischel’s test may have been somewhat accurate, it was not 100% because it did not look at all of the factors. Kidd’s input helped us understand some of the factors missed and that this marshmallow test is not completely accurate.

I find it counterintuitive that a caption can completely change a picture. The image itself doesn’t change but what’s written under it can change your perspective on it completely. So next time you see a picture in a magazine or on the internet, look at the picture first as if the caption isn’t there. Look at it in your own perspective then read what the caption. Understanding what the magazine or website is trying to convey, then compare your thoughts on it.

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