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Favoritism and bias between judges in Olympic skating events gets a perfect 10.

I find it counterintuitive that favoritism and bias in olympic events is even being brought up in a technologically and socially advance society like ours. Cheating is deemed wrong immediately from birth in any social/competitive event that we partake in. If someone cheats in a football game, they are kicked off the field. If someone cheats in a chess match, the forfeit the match. So how come we are asking how to handle the scandal that is taking place in figure skating?

Like any other competition, the people caught cheating should immediately be punished. The fact that the Olympic committees made it easier for the favoritism to take place is astonishing, and now the fact that nobody is being punished just baffles me. There is no excuse for offenses like these to be excused, and a simple system should be set into place. If there is any doubt that favoritism or bias is involved, then that judge be immediately removed from his/her responsibilities until the problem has been solved.

Cold War enemies become Olympic cheating allies.

I find it counterintuitive that jokes are being made about a scandal as big as this in sports. Two power countries working together to rig the Olympic Ice Skating competitions is no laughing matter. The consensus gathered by this article states that “…to be fair, no one in figure skating would be surprised anymore if the fix were in.” Cheating and fixing events has become so regular with the sport that people are beginning to act like it is not a big deal. It is in fact a huge deal!

Men and women train their entire lives to reach the Olympic stage and battle it out on the ice in pursuit of a gold medal. But a few people in suits can meet up and make an agreement on who gets to win and who gets to lose? That is an absolute abomination if the rumors are true, because those people in suits are letting down hundreds of thousands of people who look up to the stars skating around for their home nation. No matter how long this scandal takes place for or how many more scandals pop up, we can never act as if it is something of the ordinary.

Can there be such a thing as subjectivity in judging Olympic events?

I find it counterintuitive that judging an Olympic event can be based on how stylish someone’s performance was or how cool they looked, as opposed to the technical difficulty of their tricks and moves. In gymnastics and diving, there are clear point systems and multipliers that go in to each precise movement of a gymnast or diver’s routine. Both the difficulty of their trick and the success of their run get factored together to produce a final score.

Ice skating and events similar to it should drift towards the judging of gymnastics and diving because it can be measured by officials outside of the judges table so that we can evaluate on a number’s basis if any favoritism, bias, or cheating is taking place. The fact that a gold medal can be rewarded for looking cool then the aim of the sport is no longer to win by being the best it is to win by being the coolest! Turning each and every event from a sport’s competition to a popularity and fashion contest! There is clearly a lot of work ahead for the Olympic committees and it may be a while before all of these problems can be dealt with.

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