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It seems counterintuitive that humans continue to use paper even though humans know the damage to our environment it is capable of.

Since the earlier days of mankind, many records have been written on paper. That is how humans were able to record history. If anything happened that was significant to remember, someone would write it down so that down the road it would be recalled upon at a later date. Although it is considered a renewable resource (trees can be planted, cut, and new trees replanted), unlike fossil fuels, which can only be used once, still have a major impact on our environment.

Once paper is made, printed on, distributed to places, it still has the ability to have a carbon credit of 440 lbs of CO2 per ton of paper. This CO2 is put back into the air which is harmful to people and animals.

Most humans under that CO2 in the air is bad, but naturally it is in the air. Plants process the CO2 through photosynthesis in order to turn it into oxygen. Excessive CO2 is being created by this mass paper production and decrease of trees that the remaining plants cannot process it quick enough. So when will the time come to get another source to record events and decrease paper production?


It seems counterintuitive that a drug addict should be given drugs with no attachments and have to face no consequences while using these drugs.

Vancouver is a rather affluent port town, but that’s the problem, it’s a port town. Drugs are easily brought into the town by boats. In 2006 Vancouver created a safe area that handed out small kits to heroin addicts in order to curb and contain the drug abuse problem. The users were under supervision of registered nurses and would not be arrested by police.

Nearly 10 years Later Vancouver has decided to try this program again but with two new heroin alternatives. The two alternatives are Methadone and suboxone. The program will allow users to shoot up in a safe environment and wean them off until they are clean of the drugs and alternatives.

Giving addicts alternatives to heroin in my opinion, will not keep addicts from doing harm in society or to themselves. Addicts are known to do anything to get their fix and if the alternative drugs do not work or not good enough for the addict they will go out and do anything to get their next fix. The program, in my opinion, is a waste of money that could be utilized in different areas, such as education.


It seems counterintuitive that there would be a need for fast food places wile vising famous landmarks, but yet at the Great Pyramids of Giza, there are two within walking distance.

Since Fast food started to rise in the 1950’s with their promises of quick and cheap meals, more and more companies have followed suit. Food chains ranging from tacos to fried chicken started to pop up and infest the United States until there was at least one on every corner.

Following the popularity of fast food in the United States, the companies that owned them decided to invest millions of dollars to build their fast food chains in other countries in order to increase the quarterly revenue.

The Great Pyramids of Giza were built, by hand, in 2560 B.C. These prodigious landmarks are considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World. This World Wonder brings in nearly 13 billion dollars annually in tourism alone. This marvelous World Wonder is now a neighbor of a Pizza hut and Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Instead of building restaurants that cater to the palette of people living in Egypt, American companies are force feeding the residents our processed food in order to increase the size of their piggy banks. It seems unjust to open those restaurants and have tourists consume food that they could normally experience at home.

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1 Response to Summaries- bigfoot9

  1. davidbdale says:

    You have two of these arguments backwards, bigfoot.
    1. Paper manufacture is a good thing for the temporary sequestering of carbon. That “carbon credit” you refer to is a positive gain representing tons of carbon removed from the atmosphere and fixed until the paper is burned or degrades. There is still evidence in the original article to support your summary, but the credit works against you.
    2. The drug program in Vancouver has developed in the other direction. You say the transition was from heroin to heroin-substitutes; in fact, the program used to dispense only methadone and now gives pure heroin to 26 of the toughest cases. It’s prescribing heroin that makes most critics crazy.

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