Visual Rhetoric—ilovenas

At the beginning of the video is a clip of a beautiful white home.


You see a mail women dressed in her uniform walking up to the house. In her hand is a stack of envelopes. She then looks up.


The screen shows what the mail women is staring at. Theres a muscular man with long hair and a sleeve tattoo.


The man is hopping and dancing with one arm up, as if he is flexing a muscle.


There is a little girl dancing a long with the man, (presummably his daughter),she has brown eyes and hair, which is braided back. She has one arm up just like her father.


The father and daughter is tipping to the side on one foot with their arms still flexed to the side, they’re acting as tea pots.


They fall to the ground smiling.


The little girl is “pouring tea” in two small little pink cups, one for each of them; they share a cheers and tap each others cup.


They look to each other and smile, put there pinkies up, and take a sip.


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2 Responses to Visual Rhetoric—ilovenas

  1. ilovenas says:

    feedback was requested.

    Feedback provided.


  2. davidbdale says:

    You haven’t said anything wrong, ilovenas, but this assignment, when it’s complete, is intended for your Portfolio. As such, it’s a primary and important opportunity to demonstrate your visual literacy. We practiced in class doing careful and detailed analysis of visual arguments, so I know you’ve been exposed to the level of detail required. Open the Visual Rhetoric argument of any of your classmates who have received feedback from me already and you’ll get a better idea how much analysis is required.

    Here’s a brief sample:
    0:00. The video opens with an exterior shot of a beautiful white suburban brick-and-frame bungalow with a wrap-around front porch. The neatness of the home and its carefully landscaped and maintained yard clearly indicate proud and attentive owners. Shadows indicate the time is mid-day. Clearly identified by her blue uniform shorts, the blue mail bag, and her blue postal cap, a female letter carrier is stepping off the front lawn onto the brick sidewalk leading to the house. She apparently has just crossed the lawn from the neighbor’s house. In other words, she’s here to deliver the mail.

    Since we don’t know yet what’s important in the video, and what will turn out to be irrelevant, ilovenas, as viewers we pay attention to everything, gathering as much information as we can from what we’re shown, and we draw many conclusions per second. Your job in analyzing this visual is to slow down that process and record what you believe to be happening every few frames. If the creators of the video (we can call them “the writers”) know what they’re doing, they’ll carefully manipulate us to draw the conclusions they wish (just as we do in writing essays).

    Please read some samples from your classmates before you post your Visual Rewrite.

    Reply, please.


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