Visual- Palal24

Girls Are Bullied Too:


A young girl, about 15 years old, is walking down a school hallway. Her back is towards us and it appears she is going to class or her locker. She is carrying a backpack over one should so she is prepared for her next class. There are other students crowding the hallways and talking by lockers.


In this shot we can see that most of the students have dispersed into classrooms. The bell is probably ringing to signal the beginning of class. There are a handful of students left in the hallway. The girl continues to walk towards a classroom or locker.


Two girls, a blonde and a brunette, approach the young girl while she is at her locker. From the way the blonde and brunette look you would assume they were the “mean girls”. However, maybe they are all just friends. No body else in the hall seems to be concerned with the confrontation as they continue to casually walk to their next class.


The brunette friend grabs the young girls hair in a way that seems unfriendly. Maybe she’s making fun of the color or look of her hair. The young girl seems to shy away from the girls touch which tells me that they probably are not friends. The blonde girl laughs at what her friend is doing and still no one else stops to look.


This is the first time we see the young girls face. She is wearing big black glasses and comes off as the shy or nerdy type. She is the type of girl who the mean girls would pick on. She looks upset at the fact that these girls are talking to her and that the one tried to touch her hair. She clutches tightly to the books she is holding in her hands.


The blonde girl knocks the book bag out of the young girls hand and stares down at it waiting for the young girl to pick it up. The young girl is in a crouch as if to grab it. There are still students in the hallway but no one has bothered to look at what is happening. Maybe this is common in their hallways? Maybe no one wants to get involved for the fear of being bullied themselves?


In this shot you can see that all of the young girl’s stuff fell out of her back pack into the hallway. She is quickly trying to pick up all of the things and no one stops to help. The two girls stand over her and watch.


As the young girl is picking up her things, the brunette steps on her books and papers on purpose. It is now obvious that there is bullying going on between these three girls yet no one stops to help the young girl. Are people scared of these two older girls? Are they notorious bullies?


The blonde girl is holding the young girl’s glasses in her hands and is laughing with her brunette friend. The young girl looks nervous that she might break them. There are still some students scattered around the hallway.


The brunette kneels on the ground next to the young girl as she tries to pick up her things and aggressively turns her head to a specific direction. There seems to be a boy in that view so the brunette is probably embarrassing the young girl in front of her crush.


A new view is established and it seems to be through a mirror. In the mirror we see the two mean girls standing over the young girl laughing at her. This tells me someone must be watching the confrontation. Are they laughing at the young girl too? Do they feel bad for her? Do they want to help her? Will they?


A new brunette girl is brought into view. She looks upset at the situation behind her. Will she be the one to stand up for the young girl?


We see the new girl stare into the mirror for a few moments, probably listening to the bullying going on behind her. She makes a face, almost as if resigned. She may feel like there is nothing she can do to make it better. Is she scared the bullying will turn to her?


The new girl closes the locker. This is meant to signal that she decided not to say anything even though she knew what she saw happening was wrong.

Here is the video:

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