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A teenage boy hurries out of a house, probably his, and meets up with another boy. Maybe an older brother? Maybe even a dad? He seems happy, excited to be going where he is going. He is wearing a baseball tee and a hat, glove in his hand. At 0:02 you can see him for a split second swinging a bat and he looks happy. Probably spending quality time with either an older brother or father.


Now that we see the man’s face more, it is probably a father. Or a mentor of some type. They are both swinging bats now, as if the man is teaching, or helping the boy practice a better stance.


I think it is safe to say that the man is the boy’s father, because they are in a yard spiraling a football and having a catch with it. They seem happy again, father son bonding. The house from what we see, looks nice. I am guessing they are a middle class family.


The boy throws the football to the man, and he catches it. For a split second at 0:11 you see the boy playing baseball. He looks way more concentrated so I’m guessing it’s a game, not just him practicing or messing around. He seems to maybe be chewing on something? He may be a pitcher.


It’s not a game, once the camera pans out. The man is now catching with catcher’s gear on, while the boy practices pitching. The boy doesn’t look so happy now. The dad seems like he is a lot more serious too.


The boy pitches the ball, and the an catches it. He seems impressed because his serious face relaxes and he does some sort or approving “alright” face.


The two are now practicing hockey, the man in goal. The boy seems to slapshot the puck into the small driveway goal and the man once again seems impressed.


The boy backs up from making his shot and is grinning wide. He seems happy that he has his father’s approval. The smile he shows off seems almost joking. like if he were talking he would say “yeah, I’m the best” or something along the lines of joking around pretending to be cocky. The next clip we see someone kicking a soccer ball around, I’m sassing the boy again.


The boy is playing soccer, wearing a long sleeved jersey. It’s night time. I think you can kind of tell someone is playing goalie, but it isn’t too clear. The boy kicks it in dramatically and you can see a little glimpse of someone in a yellow long sleeved jersey, most likely, the man.


It was the man in the yellow jersey. He is laughing, and joking around. If he was speaking, judging by his face, i think he’d say something like “aw man, i can’t believe you made that shot”. After that, the camera pans out and you see him playing baseball, and then football again. Almost like a smaller, more unspecific montage of the two of them playing sports together and bonding.


They are playing football, and the boy looks like he’s about to pass the man with the ball. The camera starts going slow motion, the two are smiling and laughing. Really capturing the moment of the two having that special time, and spending time together as though it is a moment to be cherished. In the last second, you see the boy playing basketball with another boy around his age perhaps.


It looks like the boy and the man are playing two on two with another boy and his father. You can tell because the other pair of players both have dark skin which is speculation that they’re father and son or at least related. Because why would you be playing basketball at night with a random man when you’re a boy? The original boy passes the ball to the original man, and the man shoots and makes the basket.


You can tell the original man and son had one the game with that shot, because they stop playing to exchange handshakes and smiles. The man who made the shot is pointing someone that is not the boy, probably the other man they were playing against.


The man starts clapping after winning the game, and the screen goes black, dramatically. It stays black and white words fade onto the screen that says “teach him early”.


the words slowly fade and more appear reading “violence against women is wrong” and in addition it shows a website saying “”

This PSA is against domestic violence. The man was playing sports with his son, teaching him how to pitch, bat, punt, shoot, score. Boys look up to their fathers, and want to be as good as them. The ad is saying for father’s to set the right example for their sons, and to do it early. To teach them about sports, and cars, but also to teach them important life lessons like how to treat women with respect and that violence towards them is not to be tolerated. Boys learn from their fathers.

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  1. brxttyb says:

    feedback was requested with a smiley face 🙂

    Feedback provided.


  2. davidbdale says:

    OK, brxttyb, Let’s go.

    02. The boy leaves his house through a wide open front door. He is running to that door. The other “boy” he meets is outside coming toward him, big smile. They are both happy about this encounter, right? But they did not leave the house together. One has arrived to meet the other. We may not be able to process the meaning yet, but if this is Dad, as you suggest, is he on a weekend visitation? Is “the other” wearing matching hat and tee? In other words, are they members of the same team? That would indicate they’re headed to an official game. If not, this could be for practice. It can’t possibly be the coach picking up a player at home, right? All these questions pass through our heads for microseconds. Guided by the filmmakers, we are persuaded to draw one conclusion or another. You’ve begun the process of analyzing how we sort the possibilities. Keep on digging. I will offer this exhausting list only for this first segment, but I’ll be thinking it every second. OK?

    05. They’re swinging bats in the house? Or in the front yard? You haven’t gotten us to the ballpark yet, brxttyb. Imagine your reader is not viewing the video at all, won’t even see stills. Are you providing enough information for us to visualize what you’re seeing? If this IS Dad on a visitation, he won’t be spending time at the boy’s house. He’ll have to take him somewhere, like a ball field, to interact with him.

    08. Could be, if it’s their house. The bonding and the joy are important. So is who throws and who catches.

    11. This is fascinating. Is there any implication here that the practice time with Dad has paid a dividend here?

    14. Do you get the impression there’s a tension between them, or is this what hard practice looks like? Or does it mean the pair can sometimes goof off, but that they can also put in some work when needed?

    17. Was the boy seeking that approval?

    20. Do these scenes indicate that the boy is a serious athlete singularly devoted to a wide range of sports? He can’t possibly excel at everything, can he? So, what’s the goal of the filmmakers here? To show a gifted athlete training? Or to show that Dad and son have found bonding experiences to share? Or that Dad is engaged in training, whatever the sport. (Dad can’t possibly excel at everything either, but he’s got something to share on all these issues.)

    23. Nice. Why?

    26. By now, yes. Everything that happens to the boy, regardless of the sport, will involve the man.

    30. That’s fine. You can certainly dispense with any analysis of individual shots here since the overall impression is likely what matters.

    34. Well said.

    40. Another father/son team on the same mission?

    45. That’s interesting. My memory of that moment is that the Dad was pointing to his son to credit him with the assist. I’ll look again after I finish these notes.

    50. Yes, it does. But what’s in your head? All that rapid activity and a total of 6 sports! Then a command to all viewers: “Teach him early.” The rhetorical value of that black screen? The dramatic pause before the text? Suppose the text had occurred BEFORE all the sports visuals. We would have interpreted the entire spot to be one about training boys in a variety of sports to figure out which one to choose (or something like that). Coming where it does, though, this advice requires our interpretation and reaction. Describe and speculate.

    60. Why did this Dad need to teach this son about violence toward women? Would he have thought to do so if the child had nothing to unlearn? Would he have to teach him not to swing a cat by the tail? Wildly speculating on my part (which is what we do when we view). What if Dad and Mom are divorced because of Dad’s violence? The video may not support that theory, but it would be a powerful message. Is it there? Is there another explanation for pairing these two themes (sports training and domestic violence)? Is the spot effective if we choose a random father/son? Would it be more effective if Dad had a special reason to teach this particular child this particular lesson? Just asking.

    I hope these comments were helpful, brxttyb. Obviously, I’ve left you almost no time to meet the noon deadline today with a Rewrite, but don’t worry. Publish a Visual Rewrite—brxttyb by the deadline and THEN continue to make revisions until the end of the week. I certainly won’t grade yours before then. OK? Reply, please.


  3. brxttyb says:

    Thank you so much for the helpful feedback!! Your analyzation made me realize things i didn’t see before, which I will definitely incorporate in my rewrite. I appreciate you always giving such elaborate feedback, it makes me feel like I can more adequately deliver what you’re looking for in assignments. Thanks again! 🙂


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