0:01- Two high school aged girls appear on screen. Both seem in a good mood from their smiles across their faces. Both walking down what appears to be steps from a building, perhaps they are leaving the high school that they attend.

0:04- A young boy with a backpack appearing to say something to the blond haired girl. If they were leaving high school perhaps he asked about a homework problem or if the blond girl did well on a test he was saying “congrats” to her. It must have been something nice because the blonde girl had a smile on her face.

0:07- One friend turns to the blond girl to talk about something. The topic could have ranged from the weather or something particular like the boy that just passed. The blond girls smile gets even bigger. The boy might like the girl and she is flustered.

0:11- Casual football practice of what appears to be high school aged players. The coach has his mouth open and it might appear that he is directing the players to do something like a play or run.

0:14- The Coach turned to the blond girl. The blond girl’s expression changes. The coach must have said something to her she didn’t like. May be the blond girl had a brother and quit and the coach did not like that and said something negative to her.

0:19- Escalator in what appears to be a shopping center. The trio of girls are going down the escalator while two boys are going up. The two boys are discussing something that has to do with one of the girls because they point and look at the group.

0:22-0:24- The two boys point to the blond haired girl. They speak to each other about something that is in reference to the girl. Maybe they are talking about something on her shirt or something she did in class. The girl’s facial expression seems to express stress or worry.

0:25-0:36- The trio of girls appear to be going into a movie theater. The blond girl hands the worker her ticket and is happy but then the man says something to her that changes her expression. It might be that her ticket is a fake or that it is for the wrong movie. The man continues to stare at her as she walks away.

0:40-0:42- An older an cleaning tables stares at the blond girl. Perhaps it is her dad or a relative. He says something to her. The girls face turns with a expression of worry. Maybe something happened that includes both of them. If it is her dad could something be going on at home?

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