A02: Visual Rhetoric- Belldere


There is a dark colored car driving through what it looks to be a development. It’s a small car nothing fancy. Looks to be cheap or a beginner’s car. They looked to be going fast for a development. You can make out a house in the background.


Shows a girl in the car. Blonde hair. She looks to be a teenager. Maybe 18 years old. Maybe new at driving. She has her eyes on the road paying attention to what shes supposed to be doing. Two hands on the wheel. Tapping her thumbs on the wheel. Seems normal.


Shows a phone on the screen stating she has a new text message.


Then the camera changes and shows she is looking at the phone. She is no longer looking at the road.


She looks at the phone for a split second then picks it up to read the message. Her phone is a smartphone and is pink.


She picks up the phone and is smiling and responding to the text message. No longer paying attention to the road anymore.

00:15- 00:19

Does little flashes of her texting and the road. You can see she is still typing and not paying attention still.


They show you she looks up and the runs a stop sign. She makes a scared face almost as though screaming and then the screen goes black. Assuming she crashed.


On the screen it stats “Stop The Texts, Stop The Wrecks”

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